More Than a Long-Term Care Policy

You’re a planner. And, for you, nothing is more important than planning for your future long-term care needs while securing your financial future so you can continue enjoying life on your own terms. Whether you use it as a stand-alone alternative to long-term care insurance or as an added layer of stability on top of your existing policy, the future has never looked brighter with Springpoint Choice.

Financial Stability

With healthcare costs expected to rise over time, you need a plan to protect your assets. Springpoint Choice's plan options can help protect your financial future by shielding you from escalating long-term care costs and providing first-class senior housing and care if needed. See how every Springpoint Choice plan is built around our members’ personal goals.

Peace of Mind

The last thing you want is for the burden of long-term care decisions to fall on your children or loved ones. As a Springpoint Choice member, you’ll always have access to the right level of care at exactly the right time. If your healthcare needs change, your Care Navigator will be right there with you to help you find and manage any necessary care services.

Take Advantage of Springpoint Choice Benefits Today

Peace of Mind for the Future, Great Benefits Now

Springpoint Choice is similar to long-term care insurance, but members also benefit from a host of exclusive services you simply won’t get with traditional long-term care insurance policies. It is a membership program affiliated with our continuing care retirement communities that offers a broad range of services and support throughout your lifetime. You’ll enjoy convenient access to our Springpoint communities for social enrichment, fun activities and wellness programs such as LivWell, along with full use of our fitness centers and other resources. Should you ever need long-term care services in the future, your personal care navigator will be there to make all of the necessary arrangements for you.

Springpoint Choice is proud to be among the first Continuing Care at Home programs to earn the Platinum SAGECare LGBT Aging Cultural Competency Credential.

The Springpoint Choice team has always been committed to supporting and welcoming LGBT older adults, if and when, they are in need of receiving in-home care. To underscore this commitment, the organization made it a priority to receive formal training to stay relevant, and learn how to better connect and care for the LGBT aging community. Springpoint Choice provides older adults the ability to remain in their current homes while receiving quality personal assistance, protection from escalating long-term care costs, and access to first-class senior care when needed.

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