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More Than a Long-Term Care Policy

Springpoint Choice is a membership program that makes senior care planning easy, affordable, and secure. It is offered by Springpoint, the Mid-Atlantic’s leading provider of senior care and housing services. As an alternative to long-term care insurance or a complement to an existing policy, Springpoint Choice allows members to plan for the care they may need in the future and safeguard their finances. Members benefit from stability and peace of mind for a simple fixed fee structure. We’re committed to providing our members with assistance navigating any care they may need at every stage of their retirement journey, while helping them live the lifestyles they want and protect their assets and savings.

Financial Stability

Healthcare costs are currently high and expected to continue rising. Springpoint Choice has multiple plan options so you can select the right one to protect your assets and ensure your long-term financial stability, all while giving you future access to top-quality senior care as needed. See how every Springpoint Choice plan is built around our members’ personal goals.

Peace of Mind

As a member, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that neither you nor your loved ones will have to make difficult decisions about your future care. You’ll always be able to access the right level of care at the right time, and if your health needs change, your Personal Care Navigator will be right there with you to help you find and manage whatever services are necessary.

Take Advantage of Springpoint Choice Benefits Today

Peace of Mind for the Future, Great Benefits Now

Springpoint Choice is similar to long-term care insurance, but members also benefit from a host of exclusive services you simply won’t get with traditional long-term care insurance policies. It is a membership program affiliated with our continuing care retirement communities that offers a broad range of services and support throughout your lifetime. You’ll enjoy convenient access to our Springpoint communities for social enrichment, fun activities and wellness programs such as LivWell, along with full use of our fitness centers and other resources. Should you ever need long-term care services in the future, your personal care navigator will be there to make all of the necessary arrangements for you.

What’s the Difference Between Long-Term Care Insurance & Springpoint Choice?

Get the Facts You Need for an Informed Decision

On the surface, they appear similar. But, only Springpoint Choice offers personalized, one-on-one attention from a personal care navigator dedicated to helping you age in place along with comprehensive financial protection. Springpoint Choice members also have access to our vibrant communities for social and wellness activities.

Learn More and Put Your Plan Into Action Today

If you qualify for a Springpoint Choice membership, now is the best time to apply. Our members don’t just enjoy a whole host of benefits now - they also assure high-quality care and financial stability for their futures. Contact us now for further information or view our membership page or answers to our frequently asked questions for the details you need to know.