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About Springpoint Choice

You’ve got a lot of living to do, and you have no intention of slowing down. Of course, you also want to know that everything you’ve worked for is as stable as possible. For many this is where long-term care planning and long-term care insurance typically enter the picture. But, even the best plans or long-term care policies come with limitations.

This is precisely why people choose Springpoint Choice as an alternative to long-term care insurance or as an extra layer of stability on top of a traditional policy. It is a membership program that combines the most important features of long-term care into one inclusive plan. If aging in place is your wish, Springpoint Choice is the perfect option. No matter how you use your Springpoint Choice membership, you’ll love the peace of mind that comes along with it.

Going Beyond Long-Term Care Insurance for Over Two Decades

The concept behind Springpoint Choice was introduced more than two decades ago as both an alternative and supplement to long-term care insurance. Springpoint Choice will help you stay in your home by offering the right level of support should your health begin to change, protect your assets from the rising cost of long-term care and shield your loved ones from the potential burden of your future care needs. Springpoint Choice offers you all the long-term care services you need, including: care coordination, home care, assisted living, memory care and nursing home care.

Unlike traditional long-term care insurance policies, Springpoint Choice members are paired with a personal care navigator who is dedicated to helping you age in your home where you want to be. If you ever do require services, your care navigator makes sure you get exactly what you need — from temporary care in your home to a seamless transition to one of our vibrant long-term care communities.

Springpoint Choice is operated by Springpoint Senior Living, a nonprofit senior living provider with over 100 years of experience. Springpoint Choice offers a true, comprehensive plan for your future, providing financial protection and access to long-term care services if needed.

Learn More about Springpoint Choice

While it’s similar to long-term care insurance, it differs in many important ways. For example, members living independently at home also enjoy full access to the services and amenities at our continuing care retirement communities in New Jersey and Delaware. Get answers to some frequently asked questions, or contact us for more information.