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Springpoint Choice Membership Qualifications

Do You Qualify for Springpoint Choice?

Qualifying for Springpoint Choice membership is a straightforward process, and the best time to enroll is right now — while you’re healthy and living independently. If you meet these qualifications, you could be an ideal candidate for protecting your assets and simplifying your future with our program.

Springpoint Choice Members Are…

• Aged 55 years or older.
• In good physical health.
• Living independently.

The Enrollment Process

Becoming a Springpoint Choice member requires both a financial evaluation and an initial medical screening by our team. The purpose of this evaluation is not only to determine if you qualify for membership, but also to learn more about you and your goals. Our goal? To offer our members a secure plan for the future to help maintain your independence and remain at home.

Learn More About Becoming a Member

Springpoint Choice offers a truly comprehensive plan for your future. Learn more about what’s included in your Springpoint Choice membership, or contact us today to find a membership seminar happening near you.