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6 Ways to Stay Independent

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Living an independent lifestyle is a sought-after goal, no matter our age. Living independently means being able to make your own decisions and focus on what’s most important to you. As you age, it’s important to prioritize your goals for health and happiness. Here are six great tips for maintaining independence while giving family and friends peace of mind.

  1. Communicate with your healthcare providers. Keeping up with doctor appointments leads to long-term health and continued independence. Maintain an open line of communication with your physicians—express any concerns, be candid regarding your abilities, and discuss what healthy lifestyle choices look like for you.
  2. Be physically active. Engaging in physical activity gives you strength and energy, thus allowing you to be more independent. By keeping mobile, you can better connect with family, friends, and the community.
  3. Remain socially engaged. Fuel your independence during your retirement years with positive habits and activities. You could reignite a passion, explore something entirely new, or continue with a hobby you’ve enjoyed for years. Staying involved in activities that interest you allows you to embrace your independence. Not sure what to do? Consider volunteering with a favorite organization, playing an instrument, or maintaining your fitness routine.
  4. Stay organized. Clutter around the house can lead to unsafe conditions. Make sure your living area is clean and organized to help you feel more secure in your home. Keep floors and walkways clear and install adequate lighting.
  5. Embrace technology. Technology continuously evolves, and devices aren’t just meant to be used for entertainment. Online research opens your mind to countless possibilities, from learning a language to staying up to date with current events. Cellphones and tablets allow you to stay connected to families through phone calls and video chats.
  6. Know your resources. Knowledge enhances your ability to remain independent. Learn about healthcare, financial management, consumer protection, upcoming community events, and more from local, state, and national resources. Check out the National Institute on Aging, AARP, and your local government website.

Let Springpoint Choice help you remain independent. As a member, you’ll be paired with personal care navigators dedicated to providing the one-on-one attention that could help you age in place and remain at home longer.

In many ways, your care navigator becomes an extension of your family, getting to know you, your loved ones and what is important to you. Their goal is simple — to be there for you and your family when you need our support. Contact our team today to learn more.