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At-Home Continuing Care for Seniors

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For decades, you’ve made your own choices and called your own shots. You value your independence, and your greatest wish in retirement is to age in place. At the same time, you’re practical enough to want the financial stability and protection of a long-term plan.

If this sounds like you—or like an aging loved one who’s entrusted you with helping to plan for the future—you may benefit from exploring programs that offer continuing care for seniors.

In some regards, these plans can be similar to long-term care insurance, in that they offer a method for managing your financial future and anticipate the cost of the care you’ll require as your health needs change over time.

However, an option like Springpoint Choice takes that planning one step further by determining at the outset where you’ll go if you need to transition into a senior living community and providing an option to continue living in your own home in the meantime. The result is peace of mind in knowing you can access support when your health needs change, protecting your assets, and preventing loved ones from carrying the financial burden of your future care.

If you’re not ready to enter a senior living community but you’re age 55 or older and curious about at-home care or continuing care for seniors like you, you may find this program is perfectly suited for your needs.

No need to start packing

With Springpoint Choice, you’ll be able to remain at home, in your familiar environment, exactly where you want to be. If your needs change, you’ll have a personal care navigator who can help arrange for at-home care and support to help you stay in your home as long as possible. Your designated care navigator will get to know you and your family personally so they’re well equipped to provide expert advice if concerns about your safety or health arise. That support is available whether you need short-term rehabilitative care after a fall or illness, or if at some point down the road you would benefit from more permanent skilled nursing or memory care.

Access to resort-like amenities

If the lifestyle of a senior living community appeals but you’re not ready to give up your familiar surroundings, you’ll be happy to know that Springpoint Choice members can enjoy exclusive amenities at eight senior living communities across New Jersey and Delaware. From dining services and fitness classes to lifelong learning programs, there are numerous opportunities to participate in social, wellness, and community activities as part of Springpoint’s award-winning LivWell program.

Financial protection you can count on

Even the best of long-term care insurance policies have their limitations. One common example is waiting periods, during which you will have to pay out of pocket to access care and services. That’s not the case with Springpoint Choice; you can begin using your benefits immediately, and plan options allow you to further customize the program based on your unique circumstances. Whether you use your Springpoint Choice plan instead of or as a complement to your long-term care insurance, you’ll be protecting yourself and your loved ones from rising senior health care costs while securing access to long-term care services.

Put Your plans to age in place in motion

Now, while you’re healthy and independent, is the ideal time to start planning toward a simple and secure future. Membership requires a financial evaluation and medical screening, in part to determine your eligibility, but also to learn more about your personal goals for the future. Contact us to learn whether Springpoint Choice’s approach to continuing care for seniors is right for you.