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How Springpoint Choice Promotes Emotional Wellness

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Emotional wellness – also referred to as emotional health or emotional wellbeing – is a person’s ability to handle various life experiences and the different emotions involved. According to the National Center For Emotional Wellness, it is an “an awareness, understanding, and acceptance of our feelings and our ability to manage effectively through challenges and change.”

Springpoint Choice recognizes the importance of emotional wellness for all of our members, including their caregivers and loved ones. Instead of relying on tasks which are strictly standardized and impersonal, our program focuses on the unique physical and mental health qualities of each one of our members.

How does your Springpoint Choice membership support emotional wellness, for both you and your family?

Reduces Stress

The caregiving experience can be stressful, especially for a loved one. Springpoint Choice includes personal care navigation – a professional team of advocates that help reduce such stress by providing guidance and resources through the (sometimes hectic) maze of long-term care. Our personal care navigators are always available for support and assistance, freeing family and friends from the constant pressure to perform the day-to-day activities of a caregiver. Our navigators can assist members with everything from personal matters, lifestyle logistics, financial organization, medical appointments and transportation, crisis planning, long-term care guidance, and most importantly, companionship. These benefits support the aging-in-place process, so that members – along with their loved ones – can continue living an active and independent lifestyle.

Strengthens Social Connections

Caregiving can also be all-consuming. At a very pivotal time when social connections are needed the most, you and your loved ones may find your world getting smaller and smaller. Isolation and loneliness are risk factors for poor physical and mental health, so it’s important to pursue new opportunities and sustain friendships. As a Springpoint Choice member, you’ll enjoy convenient access to our eight unique Life Plan Communities for social enrichment, fun activities and wellness programs (such as LivWell, which is tailored to your interests, goals, and abilities), and full use of our fitness centers, along with several other resources. Meanwhile, your family can also have more freedom and peace of mind to focus on their own wellbeing knowing that you’re taking advantage of these valuable Springpoint Choice benefits. Perhaps they’ll choose to travel, start a new hobby, or join an online class with their extra time.

Coping with Loss

Grief is part of life long before saying goodbye to a loved one, especially for someone acting as a caregiver. To manage such feelings, it is important to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regimen, sleep routine, and to know when to reach out for support when needed. Our Personal Care Navigators understand how any sort of loss (ambiguous and anticipatory) can affect your daily life, and they can help you find the resources to cope with them. Springpoint Choice navigators form dependable relationships with both members and their loved ones and are there whenever needed throughout all stages of the aging process.

Maintain Emotional Wellness with Springpoint Choice

While the Springpoint Choice experience provides well-rounded support for both you and your loved ones, the advantages of your membership don’t stop there. Contact us to find out what else is included.