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Keeping the Right Attitude with Springpoint Choice

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Is it true that those with more positive attitudes live longer, healthier lives than those with negative perceptions of the aging process? According to a recent nationwide study, adults 50+ who are highly satisfied about growing older are at a lower risk of potential health issues as compared to those with low satisfaction. These individuals have a reduced risk for chronic conditions such as diabetes, stroke, cancer, and heart disease, as well as better cognitive functioning. Those with a more positive outlook are also less lonely, less likely to be depressed, more optimistic, more physically active, and have a stronger sense of purpose (via Medical Xpress).

So, how can Springpoint Choice help keep you happy and satisfied during the aging process?

Maintain a sense of purpose

Keep busy and discover projects or hobbies that align with your personal values. Our Personal Care Navigators can help set you on the right path. Members also have full access to the services and amenities offered at our Life Plan Communities located throughout New Jersey and Delaware. There are so many programs, groups, and activities to explore!

Recognize negative messages about aging—and reject them

Research shows negative stereotypes about aging are internalized over a person’s life span and can harm both physical and cognitive health as a person grows older. It’s our goal at Springpoint Choice to provide peace of mind and stability while maintaining your sense of independence and security. While similar to the concept of long-term care insurance, our membership program offers a broad range of services and support throughout your lifetime, to help you remain comfortable and content at home as long as possible.

Stay socially active and try something new!

Social isolation and loneliness are risk factors for poor physical and mental health. It’s important to make new connections and friendships. As a Springpoint Choice member, you’ll enjoy convenient access to our eight unique Life Plan Communities for social enrichment, fun activities and wellness programs (such as LivWell, which is tailored to your interests, goals, and abilities), and full use of our fitness centers, along with several other resources. Visit our organization’s website to learn even more about the Springpoint experience.

Keep the right attitude with Springpoint Choice

Contact us to learn more about how Springpoint Choice can help with your happiness and needs as you age in place while giving you access to additional support if your health changes down the road.