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Staying Independent as a Senior

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For most people, living an independent lifestyle is a sought-after goal, no matter our age. Living independently means having the power to make your own decisions and focusing on the things most important to you.

Seniors are encouraged to prioritize their own individual needs to reach goals for health and happiness. Aging doesn’t mean it’s time to count fewer freedoms. Keep reading for a few tips on how to maintain independence while still giving family and friends peace of mind.

Remain Independent as You Age with These Tips

Remain Active: Physical activity gives energy, which in turn allows you to be more independent. By keeping mobile, you’re able to better connect with family, friends and the community.

Remain Socially Engaged: Fuel your independence during your retirement years with positive habits and activities. Whether it be reigniting a passion or continuing on with a hobby you’ve enjoyed for years, staying involved in activities that interest you allows you to embrace your independence. Some ideas to stay involved include volunteering with a favorite organization, playing an instrument or maintaining your fitness routine.

Communicate with Your Healthcare Provider: Keeping up with doctor appointments leads to long-term health and continued independence. Maintain an open line of communication with your doctor when it comes to your abilities and concerns and ensure healthy lifestyle choices.

Stay Clean and Organized: Clutter around the house can lead to unsafe conditions. To help you feel more secure in your home, make sure your living area is clean and organized. Keep floors and walkways clear and install adequate lighting.

Embrace Technology: Technology continuously evolves, and devices aren’t just meant to be used for entertainment. Online research opens your mind to countless possibilities, from learning a language to staying up to date with current events. Cellphones and tablets allow you to stay connected to family through phone calls or even video chats. Plus, having access to a phone allows you to easily contact help in case of emergencies.

Know Your Resources: Knowledge only helps in your ability to remain independent. There are plenty of resources available for seniors, including this guide by Bay Alarm Medical that breaks down reputable and reliable websites that offer information for older adults.

Retain an Independent Lifestyle with Springpoint Choice

At Springpoint, we don’t put focus on what you may not be able to do — but instead, we focus on your strengths and abilities. Springpoint Choice is an alternative to long-term care insurance or as an extra layer of stability on top of a traditional policy. It is a membership program that combines the most important features of long-term care into one inclusive plan.

You’ll enjoy convenient access to our Springpoint communities for social enrichment, fun activities and wellness programs such as LivWell, along with full use of our fitness centers and other resources. Should you ever need long-term care services in the future, your personal care navigator will be there to make all of the necessary arrangements for you.

Discover how you can remain independent as you age with Springpoint Choice. Contact us today to learn more.