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Tend to Your Mental Health with These Three Tips

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Mental health affects many aspects of life, such as how you feel, reason, and act. It is completely normal to feel sad every now and then, but for some, those lingering feelings can escalate to serious mental health concerns and conditions, like depression. That is why it is important to make your mental health a priority. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one in five U.S. adults experience mental illness each year. If you’re struggling, don’t suffer in silence—please speak to a professional or contact your physician.

Whether you’re feeling a little blue or just want to maintain a positive lifestyle, try following these three tried-and-true mental health boosters.


  1. Stay social.

Staying socially active as you age offers a variety of great benefits, including improving your mood and cognitive function. One of the easiest ways to improve your state of mind is to become involved with others. Seek out daily events and activities, from volunteering in your community to fitness classes to lunch dates or movie nights. Not only do these activities enrich your life, they also open the doors to meeting new friends. And don’t let physical distance keep you from staying connected to your loved ones—schedule a weekly video chat or phone call.


  1. Stay educated.

A challenged brain is a happy brain, so if you’re struggling to stay engaged, try giving your memory and cognition a boost. Let technology be your friend. Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to play brain games, learn a new language, or virtually explore faraway lands. Have you always wanted to take up an instrument or perfect your dance moves? Give yourself a chance to try out a new hobby or delve deeper into your interests. Seek out local lectures or events and keep your brain happy and engaged.


  1. Stay moving.

Exercise is not just good for your body—it’s great for your mind. Why? Simple science: exercise releases chemicals in the brain such as endorphins that increase your energy and improve your mood. Figure out what works well for you so that you stick with it. Go to the gym or join a class that meets regularly, or simply go for a walk around your neighborhood while enjoying the fresh air. As a bonus, you can use this time to walk with or call a friend.


Springpoint Choice is Good for Your Mental Health

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