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The True Burden of Caregiving on Family Members

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When it comes to long-term care, the costs can quickly accumulate, creating an unexpected financial burden for eventual caregivers of older adults. While we‘ve discussed the substantial financial costs of long-term care, it’s also important to shed light on the other impact it may have on your loved ones if they assume the role of caregiver.

If you require long-term care and your loved ones take on caretaking responsibilities, it can have significant impacts on their professional and emotional well-being. In the United States, there are at least 53 million family caregivers. Often, caregiving turns into a full-time obligation. While it is possible to hire a part-time caretaker or utilize adult day care, it usually covers only a portion of the day, leaving your loved ones responsible for your care during the mornings, nights, and weekends. This puts a strain on their ability to balance work and personal life, particularly if they have significant work commitments.

The impact on their professional lives is often inevitable, as caregiving demands time and attention.  Caregivers may find it challenging to pursue career advancements or promotions, ultimately hindering their professional growth. This leads caretakers to only work part-time or completely leave the workforce, putting them at at higher risks of financial insecurity. While some states offer programs that compensate full-time caretakers, it can’t truly replace a consistent income. This professional impact disproportionally affects woman who are more likely to take on the burden of caregiving. Without steady work and income, caretaking can negatively impact your loved ones both in the short-term and the long-term.

In addition to the professional impact, being a caregiver also takes an emotional toll. At the end of the day, your loved ones will be worried about you. Facing the realities of long-term care and being confronted with unexpected health issues only amplifies the caretaking burden. Whether it’s a sudden injury, such as a fall at home alone, or a long-term deterioration requiring memory care, your loved ones will always worry about you. Preserving your independence for as long as possible not only benefits you, but it also reduces the burden on  your loved ones, who may not have the skills or resources to provide the level of care your require.

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