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Blast From the Past: 60’s and 70’s Trivia Questions for Seniors

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Ditch the boredom of routine and get ready to sharpen your mind, ignite your social spirit, and make memories that shine brighter than a disco ball.

Our top 10 trivia questions for seniors aren’t just a blast from the groovy past (though bell bottoms and hula hoops are welcome!). They’re a vibrant invitation to step back in time, test your knowledge, and spark laughter and connection with fellow seniors.

From iconic history to pop culture gems, these brain teasers are more than just fun facts. They can be a gateway to the transformative power of community. Imagine sharing stories, reminiscing, and discovering the joy of learning and growing together with like-minded peers.

Test your mind with our trivia for seniors below while you start thinking about the idea of creating new memories in your retirement years.

1. In the 1970s, what disco anthem by Gloria Gaynor became an anthem of resilience and empowerment

a. Le Freak
b. Stayin’ Alive
c. I Will Survive
d. Disco Inferno

2. What popular toy introduced in the 1970s featured interlocking plastic bricks that sparked creativity in children and adults?

a. Cabbage Patch Kids
b. Rubik’s Cube
c. Hot Wheels

3. Which political scandal of the 1970s led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon?

a. Watergate Scandal
b. Iran-Contra Affair
c. Teapot Dome Scandal
d. Lewinsky Scandal

4. What groundbreaking computer was introduced by IBM in 1981, making personal computing accessible to a wider audience?

a. Apple Macintosh
b. Commodore 64
d. Atari 2600

5. What popular dance craze of the 1960s had people twisting their bodies to the music of Chubby Checker?

a. The Jerk
b. The Mashed Potato
c. The Twist
d. The Watusi

6. Which feminist icon and author published “The Feminine Mystique” in 1963, sparking the second-wave feminist movement?

a. Betty Friedan
b. Gloria Steinem
c. Audre Lorde
d. Simone de Beauvoir

7. What iconic phrase did President Nixon use during the Watergate scandal?

a. “Ask not what your country can do for you…”
b. “I am not a crook.”
c. “Peace is not the absence of conflict…”
d. “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

8. What iconic board game involved buying and trading properties but didn’t use money?

a. Risk
b. Operation
c. Candyland
d. Clue

9. What was the name of the iconic space shuttle that tragically disintegrated during launch in 1986?

a. Challenger
b. Discovery
c. Columbia
d. Endeavor

10. What popular 1970s game show had contestants spin a giant wheel for prizes?

a. The Price is Right
b. Let’s Make a Deal
c. Match Game
d. Family Feud

As we conclude our journey back through the 1960s and 1970s with our senior trivia, we invite you to embark on a new adventure that extends beyond nostalgia and into the present.

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  1. (c) I Will Survive
  2. (d) LEGO
  3. (a) Watergate Scandal
  4. (c) IBM PC
  5. (c) The Twist
  6. (a) Betty Friedan
  7. (b) “I am not a crook.”
  8. (a) Risk
  9. (a) Challenger
  10.  (a) The Price is Right