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What is Springpoint Choice?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Premier Long-Term Care Insurance Alternative

Springpoint Choice is an alternative to long-term care insurance or a supplement to standard coverage. Offered by Springpoint Senior Living, this membership plan provides a level of personalization and protection that stands out as among the best in the senior care industry.

Our goal is to make senior care planning easy and secure. We assist Springpoint Choice members with the all-important goal of aging in place as long as possible. If there comes a time when you can no longer safely remain in your home, Springpoint Choice provides access to care – including assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing – in one of our New Jersey or Delaware senior living community locations.

The features available from Springpoint Choice address some of the most common concerns for older adults. With a Springpoint Choice plan, you won’t have to worry about the escalating cost of long-term care or not having a choice in where you live. We strive to bring our members the peace of mind of knowing they can enjoy retirement in the best setting for their wants and needs, free from financial worry.

Understanding More About Springpoint Choice

Springpoint Choice offers many of the same benefits that long-term care insurance does, but it is not an insurance policy. Instead, this alternative to long-term care insurance is a membership program that covers both in-home care and care services in Springpoint’s senior living communities in New Jersey and Delaware as needed.

As a nonprofit organization, we focus on members rather than shareholder profits. Our mission is to help people remain in their homes for as long as they can. To meet this goal and enable effective senior care planning, we start providing services when you can’t perform at least one daily activity (such as dressing or cooking, among others) without assistance. Most long-term care policies require at least two compromised daily activities before coverage begins.

Springpoint Choice members do not have to deal with elimination periods. This term refers to the waiting time between the need for care and when the policy begins payouts. In other words, you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket while waiting to meet all your plan’s conditions.

While membership brings a comprehensive list of benefits, our plans are flexible. You can consider a lower-cost plan with Springpoint to supplement your long-term care insurance rather than replace it. You can learn more about what’s included in Springpoint Choice before deciding how to balance membership and insurance coverage. You can also see the answers to common questions you may ask when choosing a membership.

We have three requirements for membership approval. First, members must be 55 or older. They need to be in good physical health and must currently live independently. Often, people wait until they cannot live alone without support before considering a long-term care insurance alternative. As long as you meet all three of these qualifications, it’s never too early to apply and begin the coverage process.

The Benefits of Springpoint Choice

Springpoint Choice helps you maintain independence as you age and gives you peace of mind when it comes to choice, access to services, and financial stability. Here is a closer look at these and other advantages offered by Springpoint Choice.

Stay in Your Home 

Springpoint supports your plans to stay in your own home by offering the services of our personal care navigators, who are professionals providing senior care planning assistance. Each Springpoint Choice member is assigned a personal care navigator who is dedicated to supporting you and your family. Your care navigator will work with you and your family, providing advocacy, guidance, and resources. They can help you define the services you need to remain at home, connect you with the assistance you require, and advise you on choosing the right option for your unique situation.

The benefits of aging in place include having a sense of purpose, connection to a familiar community, and greater independence. However, not only are each individual’s needs different from others, but their plans, habits, and their definition of “quality of life” can also differ. These differences are why a personal care navigator is so important.

Protect Financial Assets

Long-term care is expensive. As more of the population ages, the demand for long-term care increases, and the costs of services rise along with it. At the same time, coverage such as long-term care insurance or an alternative is necessary because Medicare and traditional health insurance don’t cover many critical forms of long-term care.

Long-Term Care

Springpoint Choice helps members plan for long-term care for their future. Our focus is on allowing residents to remain independent for as long as possible. To achieve this aim, we offer a range of home care services and assisted living arrangements.

Members can also access more comprehensive services like memory care and rehabilitation. These different offerings make adjusting to a new phase of care easier. Your personal care navigator will work closely with you and your family to  assure that you have access to the right level of care at exactly the right time, whether it is in your home or in one of our Springpoint communities.

Access to Springpoint Communities

While the financial aspects of long-term care are important, quality of life is equally important when considering senior care planning. Springpoint operates eight senior living communities in New Jersey and Delaware. As a Springpoint Choice member, you have access to the benefits of these vibrant and close-knit communities, including a wide range of activities for every interest, restaurant-style dining, and wellness programs to help you maintain your health and independence.

LivWell Program

Springpoint’s LivWell program promotes total wellness by addressing individual physical, intellectual, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual, and vocational needs. 

LivWell supports overall health with multifaceted methods. For example, the program incorporates low-impact exercise focusing on movement and flexibility. Meanwhile, it also utilizes guided meditation, guest lecturers, classes, and community volunteer opportunities to help residents remain engaged, connected, and able to continue learning and growing.

A Welcoming and Committed Team

The team at Springpoint Choice is committed to helping people navigate the services they need and undertake the senior care plan that is right for them, no matter their background. In fact, in 2022, the Springpoint team earned the Platinum SAGECare LGBT Aging Cultural Competency Credential for diversity and inclusion efforts for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Learn More Today

If you value the ability to age in your own home with peace of mind and financial security, take the next step toward becoming a Springpoint Choice member. You can start the process by visiting our resources page to learn about the details and the advantages we provide. You can also attend one of our informative seminars or contact us at 833-272-5532.

Remember, it’s never too soon to get the process started as long as you meet our membership requirements. If you are in good health and living independently now, this is the best time to secure your future.