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Health Benefits of Older Adult Socialization

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The need for socialization doesn’t change as we age. There’s an inherent desire for camaraderie built into our psyche, and it’s the same at every stage of life. Unfortunately, many seniors end up in an isolated setting. Continuing to live at home means they have all the comforts they’ve grown accustomed to, but it can also mean a disconnect from others. Children and grandchildren often move away while close companions choose to move into a Life Plan Community. With fewer opportunities for socialization, it’s easy for seniors to be cut off from others and spend their days in solitude.

Thankfully, through programs such as Springpoint Choice, you can continue to experience all the health benefits of older adult socialization while still living in the home you love. Our program helps you fill your days and become more connected to other local seniors in our various Life Plan Communities. The services and amenities we provide promote the benefits of a social senior lifestyle so you can choose a healthier life.

What Are the Health Benefits of Socialization?

Why is social interaction important? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a social lifestyle:

  • Improved Physical Health: When you spend time with like-minded individuals who encourage and support you, you’re more likely to participate in regular physical activity. Group fitness classes and amenities like swimming pools in our communities give you the chance to socialize with new friends while promoting better physical health. Plus, in addition to amplified fitness opportunities, friendship reduces a person’s stress, which leads to an increase in cardiovascular health and an improved immune system.
  • Positive Mental Health: There’s no doubt about it — friends make you feel good. Consistent social interactions keep you mentally sharp and your brain engaged; the connection and feeling of belonging boosts your mood and may even lead to a reduced risk of depression and anxiety. And, when you’re feeling overwhelmed, a support system allows you to get through the tough times.
  • A Longer Life Span: In short, socializing makes you healthier, and this can positively impact your life span. Social connectivity is almost as beneficial as eating well, not smoking and avoiding too much alcohol. The National Institute on Aging found that research suggests that, “Social isolation constitutes a major risk factor for morbidity and mortality, especially in older adults.” Therefore, when you engage in regular social activities, you’re essentially adding years to your life.

Discover the Health Benefits of Socializing with Springpoint Choice

With Springpoint Choice, you have access to our Life Plan Communities that offer a stimulating environment where everyone feels like family. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy LivWell, our award-winning personal wellness program that focuses on each dimension of wellness, including social health. That means you can sign up for classes and workshops, enjoy a delicious meal with new friends and even go for a dip in the community pool. Consider a Springpoint Choice membership as an all-inclusive pass to any of our communities that you can use during the day before heading back to your comfortable home for the night.

Want to learn more about Springpoint Choice and its offerings? Contact our team today, or attend one of our membership seminars.